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About the Beneficiaries

We are a consortium of New Jersey’s largest and most active AIDS service organizations and LGBTQ+ service providers. Our beneficiaries work everyday to improve the lives of nearly 40,000 New Jersey residents living with HIV/AIDS and prevent future infections in other.  

Each year, on the first Sunday in May, thousands of people walk and run in solidarity throughout the state of New Jersey to join our beneficiaries in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  This coordinated effort is designed to raise awareness that AIDS is still a major healthcare issue in our state, as well as raise funds to help support the efforts of the participating service organizations.  The funds we raise comprise large portions of the programming budgets for our beneficiaries. They rely on the financial support of the New Jersey AIDS Walk and NJ Pride Run to save lives.

organizations of the NJ AIDS Walk and NJ Pride Run provide critical and lifesaving services that include:

HIV testing/health screenings                                    Medical transportation                                   Case management               

Treatment                                                                   Food pantry/meals                                         Behavioral health        

Nutritional counseling                                                Job education and placement                         Housing               

Prevention, education & outreach                             Homeless drop in center                                 Support groups     
Buddies of New Jersey                        New Jersey AIDS Services                    North Jersey Community Research Initiative                     South Jersey AIDS Alliance                    The Center in Asbury Park