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I have joined this team because I am committed to ending HIV !

A few days before my 25th birthday I received a letter from my life insurance. The letter included a check with 7 months of premiums and stated that they had found "something wrong with my blood" and that they were unable to insure me. They advised me to see a family physician. My first ID pysician, a week later, gave me 3 years to get my affairs together.

So far, after having lived for nearly quarter century with HIV, I have risen above it. I have been living with HIV longer than without. The price of living with HIV is growing older quicker, and getting regular illnesses sooner. I am hopeful for a cure soon that we can all live longer, healthier lives.

Please support our ability to advise policy cause we know what we need. Decisions being made about us, without us, is definitely not for us!

Donate to my team to show the power of people receiving supportive health, mental health, addiction, and preventative services. Donate to my team to show the power of people who are volunteers, family, and care givers. Donate to my team for any who gives and sponsors services that consider and involve us as all part of the process. Donate to a team that is considered not less than but PARTNERS in this fight.



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Ray, It's been a pleasure working with you and know that I will always support you!
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Thanks Ray for all the tireless that you do including this! hope it was a great day too!
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Good luck Ray!!!
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