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A donation would be appreciated to help us earn the most this year.
Ending HIV/AIDS is critical to me. 1994, a year before I became positive, I had asked God for a cure for this disease... and swore to do whatever was required to Help Stop the Virus.

Long story short... I can't do it by myself. I needed "A Team". For 23 years... family, friends and neighbors began a journey of coming together to help spread the word and put some dollars where our mouths are.

This stuff is old so please help us END THIS STUFF SOON!

Join our team, make a donation, and/or come walk with us and learn how you can help be part of what ends HIV/AIDS. Then we'll move on, with the same energy, to a new cause... because we're good together!




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Congratulations on a successful event. Thank you for EVERYTHING!
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What A Team
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Cathy & Tom in Support of Raymond
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