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In Honor of Our Mother - Delia M. Farmer-Gordon

Cassandra Germain

Cassandra Germain

Thank you so much for visiting. This cause is very dear to my family, ministry and me, and we appreciate all the support we can get!

We walk because it honors the memory of a woman who fought the AIDS disease until her departure to the Lord in September 1996. That woman was our mother, Delia Mae Farmer-Gordon. She was a faithful pillar of strength for our family and community. Mommy would have wanted to instill those same attributes in others facing the same battle she had and inspire action. In continuing her fight, our ministry and family 's objective is to spread awareness, prevention, and support for those affected by HIV/AIDS throughout our community. Through outreach projects and fundraising, our mission is to support and direct programs and services provided for those living with HIV/AIDS.

Being in fulltime ministry, I have spent a lot of time overseas touching the nations with the Gospel Message and this particular challenge of HIV/AIDS in their communities. I can't even count how many babies, women or men I sat with and encouraged with words of comfort, providing finances, giving them a smile, a hug and letting them feel the love of God, and to know how He is One, who forgives and restores. Life isn’t over with HIV/AIDS! We get a chance to live again depending on Him solely and to make better decisions for our lives. (This statement is one of the last things our mom reminded us of.) She got the chance to live three more years with us. Listen, when she found out, they did not expect her to live the rest of that same day! All I can say is "BUT GOD!" Those additional years, our family - WE WOULD NEVER TRADE FOR NOTHING IN THIS WORLD! IT WAS PRICELESS! I am sure on behalf of my family that we can say it was the BEST of all the years we have known Mommy!

When I am home here in NJ, I take every opportunity to make a difference! We cannot quit! We must continue to fight! We must continue to tell someone how valuable they are to God, to themselves and to us! We must continue while there is still time.

Join us today and do the same! Together we can make a difference!

Today, invest in help saving a life!


The Legacy of the Late Delia Mae Farmer-Gordon Family & "GO YE" International Ministries



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Just a small donation to help a worthy cause. God Bless DDBullock
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Good luck with the walk!
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Hi Cassandra, Thanks for including me:) Emma
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With pleasure I'm donating on behalf of your walk in memory of Delia Mae Farmer-Gordon.
6. EBEverette Brown
Cassandra: Thanks for your support and leadership in continuing the commitment to HIV/AIDS awareness and raising funding: In Honor of Mother - Delia M. Farmer-Gordon for her supportive leadership, support and awareness to the disease. Regards, Everette

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