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Ed Foresta

Ed Foresta

Thank you for taking your time and visiting my page. Last year was an amazing year, because of all of you, we raised $1,000 just on my page!! While at last years AIDs walk, I was approached and thanked by someone who benefits from this fundraiser, it was amazing how much $1,000 can go and it was very humbling!
However the fight and awareness is not over unfortunately... There have been advances in the HIV field with Truvada/PrEP, a drug that can help prevent HIV/AIDs for those unaffected, while this is great, we still need to find a cure! So together, your time and contributions can help towards helping and hopefully, finding a cure!! Let's make a difference! Best - Ed


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1. RGRobert Gordon
Thank you Ed and Geoff !
2. MRM G Rosenberger
Keep on truckin', Ed! Geri & Steve
3. KMKatherine Mezzanotte
Hi Ed- Good luck tomorrow on the walk Very nice of you to do this for Bill and all the others. Kathy and Jim B
4. DDebi
In honor of my brother Bill and his spouse Peter Laurence McIntyre.Thank you Ed!
6. gsGuy Snow
In memory of Aimee...
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