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Angelina Brown

Angelina Brown

Hello everyone!

I took last year off from fundraising because I was pregnant but I'm back and ready to get into it! This year is different for me because as important as this cause is to everyone, it is important for me because I want my daughter to be aware and I want her to be proud of the efforts of the GLBT as I have always been. To not hate or judge anyone because of their sexual preference but to treat the glbt community as who they are....human beings. I will teach her love, respect, and acceptance. So help me raise money for this cause and begin to teach my daughter about unity. Thank you.



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1. JWJennifer Whittaker
You go girl! ♡
Ang, walk on with your bad self !!! One great woman raising another great woman...how awesome :)
4. ssupporter
Wish everyone had your attitude!
5. CHCarol Harney
Please accept my endless gratitude
6. AMAllison Markowski
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Team The Greater Atlantic City GLBT Alliance