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Jay Tunnicliffe

Jay Tunnicliffe

Hi there, friends! For as long as I can remember, I have been dedicated to raise money for the annual AIDS Walk (ok, so 2012 was my first one in Philly, but I can't remember not doing them)! To see and be a part of improving peoples' quality of life has always been one of my life's missions. This year, I will not be able to walk due to a schedule conflict in a different state, but I am bound and determined to make a difference, yet again this year! Would you help be a part of that difference? With love and gratitude - Jay



raised of $2,000 goal

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1. JJen
2. RBRachel Baldwin
Good luck, Jay !
3. KKris
Great Job Jay!
4. LLynnie and Randy
Love you!!
5. DHDennis Himes
Thanks for all you do! Happy to help, boo
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