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My Atlantic City '21 Fundraising Page

Jay Tunnicliffe

Jay Tunnicliffe

Friends, please help me support the South Jersey AIDS Alliance by sponsoring me in this year's NJ Atlantic City AIDS Walk! The South Jersey AIDS Alliance is an amazing non-profit agency that provides free testing, case management, support groups, transportation to medical appointments, nursing services, and more to those living with HIV/AIDS! With the pandemic this past year, the South Jersey AIDS Alliance needs donors and support more than ever! This is a simple way to help South Jersey communities! Thank you so much for your support!


raised of $2,500 goal

Recent Donations

1. LPLynn Pricskett
2. EBEtta Benishek
Love you Jay!
3. MSMargaret Smith
4. MMichelle Visage
5. PTPeggy Tunnicliffe
Luv your passionate heart ❤
6. CHCarol Harney
Thank you for your friendship and support

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