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Maria Foglia

Sponsor Me in Memory of My Brother!

Please sponsor me in memory of my brother and support me in raising money for this years New Jersey AIDS Walk in Asbury Park and help me reach my goal. The walk is Sunday May 5, 2019. Any donation is appreciated and donated to a great cause. Thank you to all who have donated so far and for your support, really means alot to me. Thank you! ❤️

I have registered for the AIDS Walk New Jersey in Asbury Park. I want to do as much as I can and raise as much as I can to make a difference in the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS. I have set a fundraising goal and I need your help reaching it!

This is my eight year participating (my 1st in New Jersey) and I am proud to be walking in memory of my brother who passed away of AIDS 7 years ago this February 24. I am also walking in honor of those fighting and suffering. My brother fought and suffered many years, until this terrible disease took the best of him and couldn't fight anymore. He's in a better place now where he's not suffering anymore. He will be deeply missed and will always be in our hearts forever.

Although there has been some success with drug treatments and their ability to prolong the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS, they do not work for everyone, nor are they accessible to everyone. These treatments can take their toll physically, mentally, and financially.

I would be so grateful your help. Please sponsor me for AIDS Walk New Jersey or join me in the walk for support. Just click on the link below to visit my personal fundraising web page. Any donation amount is appreciated and will be donated to a great cause. No donation is too small!

Thank you for supporting AIDS Walk New Jersey and for helping put an end to this epidemic.


Maria Foglia



raised of $150 goal

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